8 Unknown Facts Of Malia Obama

Barack Obama and his family remain one of our favorite White House families of all time, even if he is no longer the president. We believe she emerged from her eight years as the President’s daughter as a charming, well-adjusted young woman. These are some interesting facts about Malia Obama that you most likely didn’t know.

1. She Has A Love For Travel

Despite her birthday falling on July 4, the nation’s most patriotic event, her interests are international. An innate adventurer at heart, Malia has spent her summers in the UK, worked as an intern at the US embassy in Spain, and explored new places with her family, including Italy. One of her most cherished trips? Dad Barack spent his formative years celebrating his boyhood in Indonesia. According to reports, her mother Michelle encourages her kids to travel in order to expose them to different viewpoints and help them explore their identities by stepping outside of their comfort zones.

2. A Proud Activist

Some daughters of politicians stay far away from the field, but Malia has always been a bold and outspoken activist, standing up for what she believes in. In 2019, she marched for equality with her loved ones in honor of the holiday Juneteenth — the day when slaves were freed thanks to the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. And when she was only 18, she arrived at the Sundance Film Festival to protest the creation of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

3. A Not-So-Perfect Rep

Although Malia is a dream in our eyes, her decision to follow her heart in life has damaged her reputation in the eyes of many. Because she is honest about her lifestyle and never feels embarrassed of it, she inspires us as a role model rebel queen instead of pretending to be someone she is not and living a secret teenage life in the shadows. She was targeted by headlines for being carefree at Lollapalooza, kissing her partner in public, smoking, and consuming alcohol when underage. It seems that during her time in college, Mrs. Obama advised her daughter to avoid reading gossip publications, but life happens, mom!

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