Google Engineer Makes “World’s First AI Dress” With Robotic Snakes, Internet Reacts

Since being shared, the now-viral reel has amassed over 2.9 million views and 1.4 lakh likes on the social media platform.

The “world’s first AI dress” was just made by a Google engineer, and it has stunned many people online. Christina Ernst, a software engineer at the tech giant and the creator of the website, which teaches females how to make robots, posted a video of her creation that includes face-detecting robotic snakes linked to it.

The “Medusa dress” is a black garment with one enormous robotic snake around her neck and three golden-colored snakes around her waist. “I designed this robotic snake dress, and it’s finally finished,” Ms. Ernst stated in the video. I’ve programmed an optional mode that moves the snake head in the direction of the person staring at you by using artificial intelligence to recognize faces. Perhaps this is the first AI dress ever made? state of surveillance, but make it fashionable.” The developer also shared how she designed the snake to recognize and recognize faces and some of her unsuccessful prototypes. She has also previously posted several Instagram clips demonstrating the steps involved in making each outfit component.

The now-viral reel has received 1.4 lakh likes and over 2.9 million views on social media since it was uploaded. The post’s description says, “My robotic Medusa dress is finally done!!!”

“I truly adore this idea since I love fashion and I’m an engineer as well! Many people have commented that they were expecting something different; it would be great if they were aware of the time, money, and work required to complete these kinds of projects. Well done, girl! “a user said.

“I just adore women in STEM,” another commenter said.

“You ought to record a video in which you wear the outfit and someone passes by. We will be able to observe the snakes moving their heads in this manner,” someone said.

“Some people in the comments seem to have forgotten that this was your first attempt and that no one really did something like that before you, plus I’m sure none of them could have done anything like that. This is so amazing and inspiring.” So really, really good job,” said a another user.

Someone posted on Instagram, saying, “You’re so incredible. So astute and creative. I think you did a great job, and I have no doubt that you will continue to improve. I’m eager. This is incredible.”


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